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VersaTile 10' Flood Sensor Extension Cord

product image front view
product image front view


  • Compatible with VersaTile flood sensor (sold separately)
  • Extends flood sensor reach
  • 10' cord length
  • Can be used to monitor leakage in a variety of equipment and environments
  • Includes 2 adhesive cable management netting ties

Stay connected to your equipment with this VersaTile flood sensor extension cord!

Extended Flood Monitoring Reach

This 10' cord must be used with your existing VersaTile flood sensor and adapter (sold separately), which is compatible with the number 4 green socket on the VersaTile device. It is used to extend the reach of the flood sensor, which helps you protect inventory by detecting leaks / flood within your unit, utility room, or establishment. If the sensor comes into contact with water anywhere along the cable, an alarm will be triggered. This allows you to cover a larger area than other single-location flood sensors. If there's an issue with your unit, utility room, or establishment, the VersaTile device will alert you through the VersaHub dashboard! It is perfect for monitoring leakage on a variety of equipment throughout your establishment.

Simple Installation

2 adhesive cable management netting ties are included for simple installation. This item must be used with the VersaTile device and flood sensor (each sold separately).

VersaTile Product Overview

VersaTile is a user-friendly solution for monitoring the temperature and environment of your establishment. With it, time-consuming manual temperature logs for HACCP are a thing of the past.

VersaTile Setup Tutorial

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VersaTile Installation

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VersaTile Connection Setup Tutorial

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VersaHub Onboarding

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  • Cord Length 10 Feet
  • Alert Type Flood
  • Type Accessories
  • Type Electronic Parts
  • Type Probes and Sensors