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VersaTile Remote WiFi-Enabled Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Device for VersaHub Platform

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  • Uses VersaHub platform to monitor temperature and humidity and send text / email notifications
  • Assists with food safety / HACCP reporting
  • Accepts specialized sensors (sold separately) to further expand capabilities and provide versatility
  • Operates through AA batteries (two included) or USB-C power cord (not included)
  • Sync-based device with customizable recording and data sync intervals


  • FCC Compliant

    This item has been certified to meet standards governing electromagnetic emissions outlined by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

  • CE Listed

    This product complies with the standards imposed by Conformance European (CE).

  • RoHS Compliant

    This item complies with the standards imposed by the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive, which restricts the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical equipment.

Stay connected to your equipment with this VersaTile remote WiFi-enabled temperature and humidity monitoring device for VersaHub platform!

Food Safety Report/HACCP Data

With the intuitive VersaHub user interface, you can see the status of your equipment remotely through any device. Using your WebstaurantStore Account, you can view important temperature, humidity, and alarm records for the connected unit right from an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly dashboard! This simple monitoring solution facilitates labor savings and allows employees to spend less time checking temperatures manually and more time focusing on other tasks. Recorded temperature fluctuations may vary due to factors such as airflow, probe placement, probe location, refrigeration cycles, and door openings.

Out of Bounds Notifications and Alarms

VersaTile offers affordable insurance against expensive loss. Users can set "out of bounds" parameters to indicate if food is exposed to unsafe temperatures. If potential issues occur with your unit, you'll know right away through text/email notifications and audible alarms. These early warnings can help you save thousands annually by alerting you to issues in real-time! Requires VersaHub Premium.

Product Specs

  • Excellent Battery Life

    This device uses long-lasting AA lithium batteries (two included). VersaTile battery life depends on a variety of factors such as WiFi strength, ambient temperature, batteries used, device settings, and frequency of alarms. If using default settings and appropriate alarm thresholds, you can expect up to 1+ years of battery life.

  • AC Adapter Backup

    Depending on the installation location, the device can also run without batteries through the USB-C port (cord not included). This will not charge the VersaTile device, but it does provide an optional power source for when the device is installed in a hard-to-reach location that makes replacing the battery inconvenient. Plus, a power cord allows the device to record and sync every 5 minutes.

Additional Sensor Options

Expand the functionality of VersaTile with optional sensors/probes (sold separately). Additional temperature probes include a temperature probe for walk-in refrigerators/freezers and a high-temp temperature probe for ovens and other hot applications. A door open sensor can be purchased to help monitor left open doors, allowing you to save energy and avoid wasting inventory, while a flood sensor can offer an extra layer of protection against leaking water lines or backed-up drains. Lastly, an electric current sensor allows users to gain insight into the power draw at the breaker panel or point of use (must be installed by a qualified technician).

Convenient Design

The small footprint takes up minimal space, meaning more options for installation location. With the convenient adhesive mounting hanger, it's easy to attach the device to a wall without the need for tools. Plus, the rigid housing is corrosion-resistant for added durability. For added mounting versatility, VersaTile also comes equipped with slots for cable tie mounting and a keyhole slot. The cable tie slots can be used around poles, tubes, or other non-flat surfaces, while the keyhole slot can be used with a wall anchor.

Product information

  • VersaHub Premium

    VersaHub premium, included in the WebstaurantPlus membership, provides users with extended data history, multi-room support, and email and text notifications.

  • Room Settings

    Within the VersaHub platform, each unit that is connected to a VersaTile device can be set to a unique room. You can also set multiple units to a single room for added flexibility.

  • Record Access

    VersaHub allows you to add two contacts to receive notifications and implement fingertip access to important resources like user manuals and warranty information.

VersaTile Product Overview

VersaTile is a user-friendly solution for monitoring the temperature and environment of your establishment. With it, time-consuming manual temperature logs for HACCP are a thing of the past.

VersaTile Setup Tutorial

Watch this video to learn how to set up your VersaTile!

VersaTile Installation

Watch this video to learn how to install your VersaTile.

VersaTile Probes & Sensors Installation

Watch this video to learn how to install your Versatile probes and sensors.

VersaTile Connection Setup Tutorial

Follow these steps to learn how to set up your VersaTile.

VersaHub Onboarding

Follow these steps to correctly set up your VersaHub platform.

Customer Reviews

The VersaTiles helped us big time this weekend. We had a problem with our cooler Saturday afternoon and the only way we knew was because of the alerts we had setup. We were able to get a tech in here Saturday afternoon/evening to get the cooler temp back in line. So far working pretty well!

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  • Length 3.5 Inches
  • Width 3.5 Inches
  • Height 1.375 Inches
  • Ambient Temperature Range -10 Degrees F
  • Ambient Temperature Range 160 Degrees F
  • Features WiFi Enabled
  • Type Electronic Parts
  • Type Temperature Monitors

Customer Reviews

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  • Keith M.


    This is a marketing scheme. You order the tool and it wants you to upgrade to premium to make it useful. The temperature updates are slow, and the alerting is unreliable. Now, as of a week ago, I am being told that the device no longer sends an e-mail alert if you don't have their premium subscription. This device is now useless since you have to manually login to the site and check the status. To sell a product, with an advertised key function, and then remove the key functionality should be criminal and customers should be refunded or grandfathered in with the premium subscription, given we were sold a product that can send emails. Looks like I am adding to the landfill and finding better solutions.

  • Ian C.


    Not where it needs to be yet... almost a winner

  • Mike R.


    Not worth your time or effort. We strive for compliance, but receive endlesss connectivity alerts

Frequently Asked Questions

Users can configure custom thresholds for their specific application on the VersaHub platform.