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Z Series Support

Find downloadable resources, videos, and alarm meanings for your Z Series.

Downloadable Resources

Our troubleshooting and quick-start guides will help you set up your VersaHub™ equipment, and show you how it works.

Instructional Videos

Avantco Refrigeration: Z Series: How to Connect to VersaHub

Connecting your Avantco Refrigeration Z Series to VersaHub is an easy process that yields big benefits. Now, you can monitor your refrigerators from the convenience of your phone. Knowing in real-time the problems that arise in your refrigerator can help reduce food waste and overhead costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Z Series Avantco Refrigeration is a premium line of smart refrigeration which is compatible with VersaHub™. Easily configured & connected via your buildings WiFi, you’ll have remote monitoring capabilities on desktop and mobile devices. Enable email or text* notification to receive open door, high temperature, and a variety of other alarms to prevent food spoilage.

Support Articles

Find guides for using the VersaHub platform along with other helpful resources like troubleshooting guides for resolving alarms.

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Alert Meanings

The Z series alarm system is designed to prevent false alarms by only activating if the cabinet interior temperature exceeds a factory-set threshold for 30 consecutive minutes. Temperature thresholds vary between refrigerator and freezer models and can be adjusted using the digital temperature controller. To learn more, please refer to the troubleshooting guide.

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