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VersaTile Support

Find downloadable resources, videos, and alarm meanings for your VersaTile.

Downloadable Resources

Our troubleshooting and quick-start guides will help you set up your VersaHub™ equipment, and show you how it works.

Instructional Videos

Monitor Your Equipment with VersaTile

Learn more about your user-friendly solution for keeping track of your business.

Get Connected

Connect your equipment and get started.

Install Your VersaTile

Understand the steps to correctly install VersaTile.

VersaTile Probe & Sensor Setup

Expand your device’s capabilities with up to 6 external sensors.

Frequently Asked Questions

VersaTile is a smart retrofit unit designed for commercial environments. It features built-in temperature and humidity sensors, allowing you to monitor and track environmental conditions in various areas of your establishment. Its functionality can be expanded with external sensors such as additional temperatures, water and open door detection, and power consumption.

Support Articles

Find guides for using the VersaHub platform along with other helpful resources like troubleshooting guides for resolving alarms.

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Alert Meanings

The "Temperature" alarm is triggered when your VersaTile's built-in temperature sensor or external temperature sensors detect temperatures that exceed the specified high or low thresholds, indicating a potential issue with equipment performance or environmental conditions.

This alarm helps you stay informed so you can take prompt action to bring the temperature back within the desired range, ensure the safety and quality of your products, prevent unnecessary waste or spoilage, and maintain compliance with regulatory standards.

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